Part Time Income, more time at home with the kids

Here is an article based on what one of our franchise owners were thinking while considering the purchase of a Stufflers Franchise.

Part Time Income, more time at home with the kids

I have done the maths!  My dream of being a Full Time Stay at Home Mum is just not financially viable for me.  I am sure that many Mums’ are in this situation.  How can I maximise the time I get to spend with my children, and still have a decent lifestyle?

One of the options I have been looking at is how I can earn an income part time, in a way which is flexible time wise to allow me to spend the with my children that they deserve.

I have also been looking for an industry which I actually want to work in and makes me feel good about what I am contributing to the world.   Working in the children’s entertainment industry – could this be the answer?

Own your own Franchise Home Business with Stufflers!

This is what I have found out:

Stufflers is a mobile Children’s Party Service; Party Guests can Make a Teddy Bear or Animal at the party, and further personalise it by adding clothing, accessories, recordable voice chips and giving the new toy a name and recording it on a birth certificate.

You will also have other opportunities to increase sales to your business with Programs for Child Care Centres, School Fundraising, School Holiday Activities in Shopping Centres and Vacation Care Centres, Children’s Entertainment for Work Parties and Functions and more.

Purchasing a Franchise is a good option for many people as you are supported by a larger company, yet you run your business in your local area.  However, a business which can be run from home and is in an affordable price range is hard to find.  A Stufflers home franchise can be purchased from only $45,000.  This includes everything you need to run your business from your home in a space the size of a single garage.

If you compare the cost of Stufflers to the set up of a retail business, you will soon see that a traditional business set up is out of reach for many average Mum’s and Dad’s.

What does running a Stufflers Franchise Involve?

I am not keen on being a performance artist like a fairy or a clown; I will leave that to people who like to be the centre of attention!  As a Stufflers Franchise Owner you are not a party host, the Parents run the party themselves after you show them how to operate the FluffenStuff Machine.

All enquiries calls and bookings are taken through a nationally run 1800 number call centre.  This means you are free to concentrate on your day to day business activities (around your family) and not tied up on the phone all day.  You also start your business with an existing client base – Stufflers sister company Jumping J-Jays Jumping Castles has been in operation since 1999.

Most Children’s Birthday Parties are held on weekends.  Most people will choose to pick up the mobile stuffing machine, so they are given a pick up time frame when placing the booking.  This is usually between 4 and 8pm on a Thursday Evening.  Drop offs are usually on Monday Afternoons.  Some parents will opt to have the machine and bears delivered at an extra charge, so you may spend some time doing deliveries.

You will receive training on how to market to the local areas and you will spend 2 days a week doing this.  All promotional materials including business cards, brochures, magnets is printed and supplied from the head office, so you don’t have to spend time doing that.

Local Franchise Owners are also supported via head office with Websites and Facebook, Stock Manufacture and Supply, Machine Supply, Booking Systems, New Stock design and manufacture and so much more.  Imagine the time and money involved if you did this yourself!

For more information read the Stufflers Franchising Pages online:

When you are ready for more information please send an email to or contact Jane Lombard, the franchise sales broker on 0408 226 841.

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Hello world!

Stufflers Panda Stuffed Toy!

A Happy Child with a Stufflers Panda! Kids love the new toy even more when they make it themselves.


This is the official Blog for Stufflers – An Australian owned Franchise Company which provides Children’s Birthday Party Entertainment.
At a Stufflers Party, Children Make their own Teddy Bear or Animal using our mobile stuffing machine.  Each Area is run by a local Franchise owner.

Stufflers has a great range of Animals to choose from including Dragons, Dinosaurs, Jungle Animals and more which appeal to both Boys and Girls.

We have franchise areas available for purchase in selected areas of Australia.  Our franchise business opportunities have low start up costs and are easily run from home, giving you more time to spend with your family.

Visit our Website: to see our available themes.

Happy Stuffing!

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